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TOTEM for Families with Children

Intergenerational and Volunteer Center TOTEM, z.s. has been implementing activities for children in a form of the mentoring programs Pět P (Five P) and KOMPAS for many years. We have been registered for social stimulation service for families with children at the Regional Office of the Pilsen region according to Act No. 108/2006 Coll., On Social Services since 2015.

There are life-situations that may have negative consequences for healthy development of the child and functioning of the family. We prevent those negative impacts and help to resolve difficult situation of the family by providing professional social stimulation services and counselling.

We provide mentoring programs for the children among others Pět P and KOMPAS® as a long-term support for the client within the SAS (social stimulation service) for families with children.

We involve children aged 6-15 years from families in difficult life situation in the programs. The children often need individual support or safe understanding surroundings, space and possibility of experiencing success that they don‘t reach elsewhere.


The Program Pět P (Five P)

Péče (Care)

Pomoc (Help)

Podpora (Support)

Prevence (Prevention)

Přátelství (Friendship)


Pět P is a free-time individual preventive program. We find an older friend for the child - a volunteer who has similar interests and hobbies. The pair meets regularly once a week for 2-3 hours for at least one year. At the meetings they do together what they like and what benefits them. They can do sports, go to the cinema, go to exhibitions or talk.


The Program KOMPAS®

KOMunikace (Communication)

PArtnerství (Partnership)

Spolupráce (Cooperation)


Two volunteers work with a group of six children in the program. The group meets regularly once a week for 2-3 hours for at least four months. The content of the meetings is based on children's interests and needs. These can be games, trips, competitions, sports, chatting or other activities aimed at improving social skills.

TOTEM, z.s. is a member of the Association of Voluntary Mentoring Programs, z.s.


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