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TOTEM for Volunteers

Volunteer programs have been realized by TOTEM (Intergenerational and Volunteer Center) since 1999. Programs are focused to serve and support  to those who want to become local volunteers or volunteers abroad in order to meet the needs of children, families, and seniors.


Volunteer Programs and Activities:

  • Regional Volunteer Management - volunteer training and placing within 47 social, healthcare and medical, and educational facilities in Pilsen region
  • Volunteer Club called Klíč (Key)- group of more than 90 volunteers supporting regional social events, including TOTEM's events
  • European Voluntary Service



  • Volunteer Letokruhy Club - group of senior volunteers bringing help whomever needs it
  • Seniors as lectors and group leaders
  • Senior support in preparation and organization one day social events
  • Neighbors 55+ (Zeitbank 55+) - community project of intergenerational groups providing help within local areas

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