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TOTEM for Seniors

By offering such activities as educational classes, training classes, leisure activities, community events or community projects, seniors can:

  • get knowledge of theoretical, practical, and technical information
  • acquire and maintain new skills
  • use their free time actively and meaningfully
  • be part of an active community to create new friendships
  • help others
  • become confident - become aware of their abilities and skills
  • discuss problems with professionals as well as look for solutions


Activities offered:

  • Social Stimulation Services for seniors and people with disabilities
    • Socially Educational courses or clubs such as foreign language classes and foreign language conversation classes (English, French, German), computer classes or Relaxation with Drums, Oriental Dancing, Latin American Dance for Women, Yoga, Fitness class, Handicraft Arts, Memory Training, Cooking, Music Therapy or Basic Social Counseling,
  • TOTEM Crossroads – one day events, lectures, and workshops for seniors
  • Third Age Academy – providing a free college education since 2009, offering 14program groups each year
  • Getting old, getting clever - this three years program provides professional and interactive seminars while teaching seniors how to cope with getting old and having an active and healthy life.

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