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About us

At the very beginning, TOTEM was established as a place for volunteers. Over the years, the original idea developed and our volunteer center acquired new features. Currently, we offer a vast amount of activities for seniors, families, children, and volunteers themselves.


Our mission is to create and maintain positive and functional interpersonal relationships within individual families as well as local communities.


Since 1999 we offer...

... social, educational, collective, cultural, and leisure time activities for seniors, families, children, and others

... volunteer programs and volunteer home-base for those who would like to devote their time, knowledge and energy to someone else


Program Ranges:

  • TOTEM for Volunteers
  • Senior Volunteer Activities
  • TOTEM for Seniors
  • TOTEM for Families and Children
  • TOTEM as Meeting Place


TOTEM projects, programs, and activities focus on bringing all ages together. In 2012, TOTEM went through a major reconstruction in order to be able to offer a modern and functional place to meet – „A Meeting Place“.

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